Ayurveda is a way of life, a world view, and a full system of medical care that has evolved in the context of Vedic knowledge over thousands of years.  Its wisdom comes from the Indian sacred texts, deep observations, and the clinical practice, of countless sages over time.  It is still being advanced today through the contributions of modern scholars, clinical practitioners, and clients wishing to maximize their comprehensive well being or svasthi.   

Ayurveda literally means “science of life”;  that is life as it relates to longevity.   It is based upon the deep understanding of universal elements and the wisdom of nature, time, place, mind, perception and many other ways of harmonizing with the intelligence of creation.

It is helpful to learn about your basic Ayurvedic constitution (prakriti) and current condition (vikriti) before embarking on any Ayurvedic regimen. Contact Beth to get started with this process.

Gurupriya Beth continues to take Ayurveda classes at Alandi Ashram with her brilliant teacher, Alakananda Ma, a 28 year veteran Practitioner and progressive Spiritual Teacher. She recommends appointments with her teacher if there is an ongoing disease process or if you need herbs. Visit Alandi Ashram's website here.

Beth offers introductory Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations. You will receive a deeper understanding of the way  nature has created your unique body/mind/tendencies and what that suggests for optimal diet, daily routine, and self-care practices.   These consultations are customized for people who are generally healthy and wishing to bring harmony and life-supporting habits into their practice of conscious living.   Please be ready to take responsibility for your well being.  Ayurveda is powerful, with your full participation.  Investment in your deep well being:  $108.00 for initial appointment, $60.00 for follow up (two are recommended for integration of the suggestions).


Marma Massage

Marma Massage is a unique Ayurvedic point massage with herbal-infused oils that are customized to your unique constitution and current state of health. Marma therapy is the root art of acupressure and acupuncture, based on the 3000 year old medical teachings of Ayurveda. 

We begin with some deep tissue work to open up the bodily structures and then move along the limbs, concentrating on each Marma point momentarily. The oils used are organic and totally plant-derived Ayurvedic blends.  They offer the pranic intelligence of their medicine, nourishment to the skin, and direct healing to the tissues and consciousness.

You will leave feeling restored, renewed, and unburdened. Please allow for 75 minutes of massage time plus a few minutes to integrate. Marma Massages cost $80.

Puja Ceremony

Puja is an aesthetically rich devotional ceremony intended to focus our energies and create a shift in the atmosphere of a particular space as well as in ourselves.  Songs and offerings are made to an image or statue of your particular affinity within the Hindu Mythological Pantheon.  The offerings are lovely; flowers, fruit, light, incense, rice, sweets, and many other things that make our lives rich and beautiful. You may feel a kind of vortex open in the room or in your body as we chant together.  Puja is a romantic ceremony, fitting clearly in the deeply-felt Bhakti path of yoga - the path of devotion, the path of emotion.  At the close of the ceremony, we will offer prayers and sit in meditation, stewing in the sweetness of the energy.  The offered food items become prasad (blessed offerings) and are to be shared among a community of loved ones.

$70 + fresh materials