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Free Your Voice; A Singing Workshop!

If you appreciate yoga-as-union, you will love this workshop! The physical and emotional bodies have an immediate response to the vibration of song and chant. Gathered in community, we will sing inspiring and heart-centered songs in English as well as a few Sanskrit chants. 

This workshop, led by Britt Kassel and Beth Gurupriya Sanchez, includes a one hour asana practice and a deep dose of collective vocal synergy before and after the movement. Come savor the deeply nourishing union of mind, body and vocalized breath!


Sunday, June 4


Kindness Yoga Hilltop
455 S. Hudson Street
Denver, CO 80246


$35 per person
*20% discount for Annual and Autopay Members, Kindness teachers & staff, enrolled YTT students, and Kindness ambassadors!